How to use EthCash(

Download and Connect MetaMask

  1. You must download Google Chrome explorer:

Add “eUSD” in MetaMask

  1. Open MetaMask extension and click “Add Token”

How to create vault

  1. Click “Create Vault”, select an asset you will deposit, and enter the amount, the system will count the debt amount for you.

Generate eUSD

  1. Click “Generate” and the system will fill in all eUSD by default


  1. Click “Deposit” on the Buildr homepage

Payback your debt

  1. You will see your debt after successful generating eUSD

Withdraw your collateral

  1. You can see the amount of collateral that can be withdrawn.


  1. Select the trading pair on the left and trade on the right

Provide Liquidity Get LP

  1. Take USDT/eUSD trading pair as an example:
  • Click “Next”

Liquidity Mining

  1. Choose liquidity pool

How to use “Synth”

1. Please first transfer the eUSD from the MetaMask wallet to the Synth account before trading synth assets.

  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit
  • confirm
  • Then click”Buy eBTC”



Provide Cashflow for Ethereum

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