Brief Introduction of EthCash(ETHC)

EthCash is the innovative Decentralized Synthetic Asset Platform, which provides Cashflow for Ethereum.

Core functions:‌

  • Buildr
  • Synth
  • Exchange
  • Earn


EthCash Buildr is different from the traditional model of stable coins anchor USD, which designs an innovative stable coins model, provides a brand-new decentralized stable coins issuance mechanism for crypto holders, to reduce systematic risk, and enhance liquidity to valuable assets.


Synth provides an access to traditional financial assets and more diverse and complex trading strategies for DeFi. Through system and oracle support and integration, Synth can simulate and track gold, stocks, bonds, and other various traditional or encrypted indexes.


Realize the underlying decentralized derivatives assets transactions at a lower cost, and innovative realize the hybrid transaction of physical encrypted assets and synthetic assets.


The vault‘s revenue function allows users to pledge assets more conveniently and safely, and participate in Earn and Liquidity Mining.



Provide Cashflow for Ethereum

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